Ansta Support Services

This portal is available to existing Ansta customers only, if you are interested in becoming a customer, please contact us directly on 01787 319 658.

When to submit a ticket

  • Bugs
  • Change Requests
  • New Feature Requests

How to submit a support ticket

If your issue is urgent (for example your website is down) please contact us by phone on 01787 319 658 before you submit a ticket, you can then submit a follow-up ticket while we look into your issue for you. We class issues as urgent if it affects functionality that is critical to your business such as for example: your website is down or your customers are unable to place orders on your eCommerce website.

When you submit a support ticket, please try to include as much information about your issue as possible. Screenshots of the problem are always useful as they help us in the issue identification process (please submit the full screenshot and avoid cropping as you could be cutting away important information that could extend our investigation time).

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